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iPhoto plugin for Scrapbook; what do you think of NBC's Medium?

I know a few Mac users on my Friends list have posted about iPhoto and sharing photos on LJ. If you have a paid account  and want to use Scrapbook, LJ's photo hosting service, there's an iPhoto plugin for it.  It's still in beta, but here's the announcement in fotobilder_user.

I have lots of things bumping around my head to post, but I need to let them sort themselves into coherent posts first, plus I'm catching up on my LJ Friends posts back to Friday (the 21st) since I was pretty much offline all weekend. I'm sitting down and reading/commenting between tending to Laurel and the laundry (working on Mount Washmore today *g*).

Random question: Do you watch NBC's new series Medium? If so, what do you think of it?
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