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PBS inaugural coverage, Joy on squirrels, sparkly denim, and a great playground trip.

PBS cut from their children's programming to inauguration coverage at 1000. Laurel promptly threw a fit ("Where's DRAGON TALES?! No, old man, SESAME STREET!") and required a time-out in her room until she calmed down. I am sure Robert O'Neil will be fine without knowing my public broadcasting-savvy four year old called him an old man.

After reading on my Friends List that older editions of Joy of Cooking include directions for skinning a squirrel, I made a mental note that pinged my memory at lunch today. The four pages on game in Vogon's vintage copy (my 1997 edition is much less colorfully written) are so stunning I'm thinking about scanning them to share with Himself. It would be quite amusing, albeit offensive, to make enlargements of the squirrel-skinning diagrams to include in return mail when MBC asks me to donate money.

I don't think Vogon is particularly keen on the idea of making the tepee out of denim, but he took down some bolts (we use empty ones discarded by our local fabric store for storage) for me to look at and I was quite taken by a sparkly denim although I have no idea what to do with it. What would you make with or wear in sparkly dark denim?

It was so warm by lunch we really should have taken our lunch to the park, but my left maxillary sinus didn't unclog until a few hours after taking my full sinus cocktail and an extra round of SinoFresh. I may have an acute sinus infection as the lymph node on the right side of my neck has been swollen and tender all week, but it's not worth seeing a doctor over since it's probably a regular sinus flareup.

We wound up heading out to the park around 1500 and the timing was great -- instead of the Smoking Lady and maybe one other kid there, we met almost a dozen kids of varying ages! Laurel really hit it off with a couple of the ones nearest her age, playing tag, taking turns pushing each other on the low swing, and playing in the ground-cushioning wood chips. One of the families asked if we'd be back tomorrow, so I guess it's an informal play date.

Laurel got the munchies on the walk home, so I told her she could have fruit and/or a hard-boiled egg with a juice box when we got inside. She fussed at checking the mail on the way in, but as soon as we got inside, she took her sandals off where we've been reminding her to and asked what color (Juicy Juice flavors correspond to the label color) juice boxes we had and for an egg. I am *so* proud of her for minding the timer (the alarm on my cell phone) and being good once we got in. I have to remember to throw our sand toys into a tote bag for tomorrow's trip. (:
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