April 27th, 2009


Foolishness like this is why I quit watching TV.

For the past few days, Time Warner Cable repeatedly auto-dialed my cell phone. Either no-one was on the other end when I answered or it repeated the "important message please hold" message repeating every 20 seconds until it hung up. Someone finally was on the other end tonight and informed me that our cable was in danger of being disconnected. I was baffled -- it's one of the bills we have set on auto-pay -- but I was pretty surprised when I found out it was about nine dollars.

If I could get him to quit watching TV, I'd cancel it and find a different high-speed internet provider. Our current bill is $120 a month for expanded basic cable and 7 Mbps internet access. I do not understand why it costs $40/month more for less service from them than it did two years ago.