March 28th, 2009

Manga-style me

Brief Vogon update:

Vogon is now in a regular room (moved out of CCU earlier today) and still getting IV potassium. I will get more details after I visit.

He can have visitors over age 13 anytime, so I'll go up for while after I arrange for her to spend some time at a friend's house.
Manga-style me

Brief Vogon update 2: may be released tonight

As I was puttering around putting together an overnight bag and the laptop in a backpack for him, the VogonMom called because she's in town and wanted to get together sometime. I told her what was going on (she's a nurse), gave her the information I had and she called him while I went back to getting things together. She called back to relay that he thinks he might be getting out tonight so she'd head over to the hospital and will call me with more information later.


I'm itching with curiosity to find out what the docs think might have happened. Below normal potassium and slightly elevated liver enzymes are normal for him, but low levels treated with 12+ hours of IV potassium is new to me.
Manga-style me

Brief Vogon update 3: something anomalous

The VogonMom and VogonDad are at the hospital with him. I talked to Vogon on the phone and he sounds all right. He had FOUR more bags and three tablets of potassium since I left this morning, plus other medications. Imaging so far includes a CT and X-ray (he had these last night and I forgot to ask if he meant them or had more done), MRI, another ECG and is about to have an EEG. He says they may have seen something anomalous at the site of his 2005 head injury.

Don't know if he'll be released tonight or tomorrow, but I feel a lot better with his folks in town.
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Brief Vogon update 4: EEG on Monday

Visited him briefly tonight with the VogonMom and VogonDad, who tagged off with Laurel and we were able to take him down to see Laurel. She had been very anxious since she saw him seizing and last saw him around 3 AM.

The EEG will be on Monday and he will stay in the hospital for observation and continued IV fluids and potassium. His bed is hooked up to a sensor that trips an alert at the nurses' station if he moves more than simply shifting around in case he has another seizure. He was resting quietly watching TV when I arrived; in addition to clean pajama pants, toiletries and a change of clothes, I brought his MP3 player and charger and (once his doctor says it's okay for him to use it) my laptop with a Wi-Fi card and a trackball.

Pending Monday's test results and no further seizures, he may be home Monday or Tuesday.