February 10th, 2009


Might pretend to be a storm-chaser tonight... from the safety of my home.

Lightning to the south.Waiting for the storms to roll in; heavy rain and winds accompanying lightning in Denton reported 10 minutes ago, but we're near the Denton/Collin county line. Will take photos of anything interesting weather-wise here and post them since Vogon and Laurel are both down with whatever bug it is now (her fever was 102.7 last night, 100.8 tonight; school reg is 24 hours without fever and unmedicated before returning to class).

I should go get the 40D out of his camera bag for photo-taking. He likes to tease me about my point-and-shoot, but the overwhelming majority of my Flickr photos were shot with point-and-shoot models. I roll with what I've got.