December 12th, 2008

Dubious face

Random bits: skirts over pants, sewing errata, pumpkin bread, The Banana Splits.

My headache came back. I think my brain is melting. Grragh.

Laurel thinks skirts over pants are "FASH-ion" and that I am a mean mother to reply "no, that's extra laundry until you start doing your own, kiddo."

I have some things to finish for Christmas gifts and realized that I leave for Colorado a week from today, so I'd better get them done this weekend. Also, I have to whip up a couple more zipper pouches to hold stethoscopes in the jump bags, find a couple of 1/2 inch D-rings (if we have any) for making Squeaky some seasonal collars, and put on my big girl pants to cut fearlessly into the 40-yard roll of batting (thanks, trshtwns01, for sending me a link to that one-day sale!).

I am going to make pumpkin bread today (minus the nuts) as muffins.

I saw someone mention watching The Banana Splits as a kid and wanted to note that the Cartoon Network sister station Boomerang currently airs it. I watched back to back episodes at 10 AM Mountain on weekday mornings this summer, but their current schedule has that block at 7 AM Eastern on weekend mornings.

Look at me still talking when there's science to do

Note to self: find a recordable touch-activated device I can insert in a plush item that can hold 3 minutes of sound. I have one I found at a craft store years ago, but it only holds 15 or 30 seconds (and has four-year-old Laurel saying "help help I'm stuck in a pillow!" on it).

What do I want this for, you ask? I want to make a plush Weighted Companion Cube play "Still Alive".
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