November 24th, 2008

I'm not seeing this

+1 STR for carrying surprise parcel; or, next time I will look at the packing label first.

Laurel and I went by the complex office today to pick up my Pentel order (a half-dozen of my preferred style of retractable-tip pencils found at $2.50 each!). Before finding that in the package room, one of the nice staff found we also had a parcel from

It wasn't ridiculously big (28x16x6"/71x41x15cm) but it turned out to be heavier than it looked. I wasn't going to leave it there because I'd forget about it by the time Vogon got home, so I lifted with my legs and carried it back home while Laurel skipped around ahead of me with my padded envelope of office supply goodness.

When I got upstairs, I pulled on the label to see the packing list. Guess what it was? A bench grinder stand.

Next time I will look at the label first. Sheesh.