September 25th, 2008


Meet Squeaky!

Vogon couldn't take the cat-less household any more, so we headed back to Operation Kindness today. The two please-adopt-together adult cats we liked were not too keen on Laurel, so we wished them well and continued visiting the cats. We petted the sweet boy with different colored eyes again and talked to the very talkative seal point we talked to last time. (She is a very sweet girl and her slightly-crossed eyes make her look perpetually surprised or slightly annoyed, depending on which angle you look at her.)

We met two black kitties that were very affectionate and tolerant of Laurel, but Vogon kept wibbling until he turned around and saw an affectionate boy that squeaked at us! His card description: "Squeaky loves to make conversation with everyone! Enjoys being carried, purrs automatically and makes everyone feel welcomed." He was upset by the short car ride home and pooped in the carrier (a huge stench for such a small creature), but checked out the amenities and let us get him started cleaning himself up. Now he's in the master bath acclimating; photos to come.