September 12th, 2008


New job offer accepted, bye local Sonny Bryan's, poor kitty is very sick.

Good: Vogon got an offer on one of the companies he'd done multiple interviews with and accepted it this morning. It will take him out of the medical software niche but is still in software development. (We did have a "small world" moment a few weeks ago when anonymosaurus gave us the card of a friend of his in medical IT and we realized it was someone Vogon knew from Millbrook/GE.)

Not-so-good: Our local Sonny Bryan's is closing and we found out by getting an e-mail from their customer mailing list with a coupon for a free dinner plate at the next-closest location, which is not all that close to us.

Bad, but inevitable: Bubby is pretty sick. His weight loss we thought was related to Laurel coming back home from summer vacation only briefly stabilized. His symptoms in addition to the weight loss are very similar to those caused by feline leukemia virus, so we made an appointment with the vet for right after school today.

We have prepared ourselves for his eventual loss. Given the state he was in when he came out of our fender, we know he got nearly two years he wouldn't have if he hadn't climbed into our car.

I'll update with his status after the appointment.

Maxwell of Fender c. 2002 - September 12, 2008

Bubby was a sweet boy for the vet. He was terribly thin at 11 lb 2.5 oz (less than when he came to us!) and didn't flinch at getting his temperature checked, which was down to 96. He tested negative for FeLV, but the chemistry panel revealed he was in diabetic ketoacidosis and had a blood sugar level of 580.

He might have made it through the night with intensive treatment, but his quality of life would be greatly diminished. We said our goodbyes and Vogon and Laurel waited in the waiting room while I stayed with him as he was euthanized. He was a good boy to the end.