June 12th, 2008


In a nutshell: less sick, hot outside, travel dates.

I now appreciate the dealer at A-Kon that was selling face masks. I developed an upper respiratory infection in the summer heat and did not have a fun time getting over that. (Our AKon photos are on Flickr.)

But! now that I am not coughing up chew toys, I have my summer travel plans solidified. Laurel and I are flying from DFW to Denver on Monday, June 16th; I'll return to Dallas Love Field solo on Monday, June 30th. (Laurel will return in August with a brief visit from my folks.) saarlander and I have semi-purposely synced our travel plans because we have not caught up with each other since December 2006. Other than whatever nebulous plans we cook up to eat and laze around, my schedule is wide open.