April 18th, 2008


Vogon health update: no active GI bleeding, too much stomach acid.

My regular doc took a brief history and advised us to go directly to the hospital to get Vogon checked out. Once he started an IV bag of fluids and a dose of meds (acid reducer, anti-spasmodic and Zofran) he began looking normal again. He had no active GI bleeding (thank goodness), but had signs of excessive stomach acid. Bloodwork came back within normal ranges but showed elevated liver function, so we got a referral for a liver & GI specialist.

The good news is that he's more coherent and reports far less discomfort than he has all week. Interestingly, he has very little memory of the past week's events. I felt the urge to tell him he went crazy and spent our tax refund on hookers and blow, but that passed. He wouldn't believe it anyway. (: