March 26th, 2008


Photos: 14 March, me and the kiddo at the park (in dresses, woo)

After a gentle reminder that I haven't gotten off my bottom and uploaded a complete set of photos in a ridiculously long time, I posted the best of the photos we took at the park on 14 March:

Still crazy busy with this week's events. Don't expect another post until Saturday. *mwah*

Is there some prescribed etiquette when someone suddenly loses their home?

Whenever the house phone rings after 10 PM, it's bound to be bad news. Tonight we learned my in-laws' home burned down last night. (Not the house in Colorado Springs where Vogon grew up, but the house in Farmersville they were planning to move into when they returned to Texas.) I only ferried the phone from answering to Vogon so I don't know details except that they've got someplace to stay.

Now would be a good time to let loose a torrent of f-bombs, but he's going to lie down and I'm going to pack a basket with a table setting for the table we're hosting at the teacher appreciation dinner tomorrow evening.