January 15th, 2008

Manga-style me

A good observation and a merely okay observation. Anyone in Dallas want to see TMBG with me?

One good thing about our relationship: at lunch, I started telling Vogon about a funny-weird dream I had this morning after he left for work. (I went back to bed after dropping Laurel off at school. Yes, I'm spoiled.) He finished my sentence and said "You already told me about it." When I protested that I hadn't had the chance since I woke up, he continued "and you dreamed about buying a [item that probably does not exist in reality] for your sister's birthday gift".

One sad merely okay thing about our relationship: They Might Be Giants /and/ Dropkick Murphys are going to be at House of Blues Dallas within a week of each other in March. I can't see him wanting to go see either band. (Not that I haven't already seen TMBG live several times, heh.)

edit 1815: I bought four tickets to the TMBG show. I get to go to a concert with hot redheads in my posse! (Eat your heart out, paradoxymoron.) We are going to ROCK.