October 24th, 2007

Manga-style me

Farewell lump (blocked sebaceous gland) and leave the nightlight on.

My breast lump is gone. It felt smaller after applying a heating pad and stayed smaller after each use, then I noticed it itched after palpating it a few days ago to estimate its new size to report that to my doc. A closer inspection revealed a long, hair-thin sebum excretion sitting on the skin's surface above the lump. It continued shrinking and two more excretions followed. What was a 1.5 cm lump a week ago is smaller than a pea and continuing to shrink.

I couldn't read my doctor's reaction over the phone, but she chuckled when I said "My hair follicles are uptight to make up for the rest of me".


Also: the use of "Birdhouse in Your Soul" on tonight's Pushing Daisies is FULL OF WIN.