September 17th, 2007


Gods of Math: please don't strike me down for saying "skip counting".

One negative to growing up on Saxon math: I have helped Laurel build a great fact base, but she's struggling with explaining the concepts.

We're putting her on a growth plan to deal with this gap in her math skills, the only issue she's had with the district-level program. It's understandable since she went from first-grade math last year to third- and fourth-grade math this year. We need to reinforce some basic concepts that become automatic with repetition: remembering to use tally marks when regrouping and quickly identifying in word problems what operation to do and how to do it.

Laurel really likes the Unifix blocks they use at school so I'm seriously considering buying two 100-packs of blocks, an operational grid and blocks marked with place values. The downside is that will cost about $60 new, so I'm sitting on an eBay auction for ~250 gently used blocks and I'll buy the operational grid and place value blocks later. Think good thoughts for my eBay mojo.

In the meanwhile, I'm going to cut up some of the 35 mil azure blue vinyl I scored from American Science & Surplus earlier this month to make simple manipulative tiles to hold her over until the acquisition of Unifix blocks. The vinyl is a great deal for $3.50 -- it's about 40x24", acid resistant and flame retardant. I suggest you buy some.