August 20th, 2007


Migraine, allergies and shopping? Peopled out. Need caffeine.


That's what I've been thinking all weekend, along with "Laurel, please stop asking me questions like 'Have you ever sucked on cheese?' every five minutes" and "Laurel, please stop antagonizing the cat". School starts next week.

I am officially tired of shopping in brick-and-mortar stores again. We made out well getting Laurel's wardrobe staples at 40-80% off from Kohl's sale racks early on tax-holiday weekend, but we didn't get there until 0930 and the place got steadily more crowded while we shopped. I was surprised we didn't find any children hiding in our not-a-child-seat cart after the swarm of free-range children in the shoe department. I'd normally skip the shoes there, but they were on our way back to the elevator. I found a pair of chocolate brown Mary Jane-style sneakers in Laurel's size that got Vogon's nod on quality and style.

Fry's was positively uncrowded by comparison, although we only went to take a product on the shelf photo of Sam & Max for clearmind. (Hello, Seg!) We picked up some miscellaneous small items there and picked up lunch on the way home.

On Sunday we hit a cluster of big-box office supply stores to pick up a few school supplies that had been specified in colors (so I couldn't pick them out with the majority of the supplies I'd ordered online) and some SD cards. We came home with those plus some miscellaneous office supplies and a 3.2GHz desktop box he spotted on clearance.

Add on a quick grocery trip today where I wasn't on my game and only saved 14% off the bill... and I'm peopled out for a few days. Phew.