July 30th, 2007

Manga-style me

Didn't I buy her a dictionary a few months ago?

I felt ineffably old today when Laurel asked me what "sexy" means.

Then I remembered giggling at that word on the back cover matter of the paperback of Life, the Universe and Everything at the same age and I felt even older.


In case I haven't plugged it recently, I still love Robie Harris' "It's NOT the Stork!" as an introduction to talking about human reproduction and sexuality with early elementary school-aged children. The Internet is full of people who were raised using cutesy nicknames for their anatomical parts because they're uncomfortable saying "vagina" and would rather reveal their gynecological issues to an online community than see a health care professional or get a second opinion. Please don't contribute to another generation of that.

I feel compelled to flash my Susie Bright "Clits Up!" button at this point, but I'd have to fish it out of my purse to take a picture of it. Use your imagination.