July 20th, 2007


I'm going to fix that door handle and the Mustang finally went to the mechanic!

Found new door handle assemblies for $32 from IPD, so that's on my to-order list. Once I get that, anonymosaurus may have an extra spring or otherwise be able to rig it together for me. Score! The immediately needed work on Thora is the exhaust, since the long exhaust pipe looks like it should be replaced too. Luckily the pipe itself is cheap so the big cost there will be labor.

Sometime next week the Bentley service manual for the 240 will arrive and I will feel much more confident about tackling repairs that I have the tools to do. Speaking of tools, I should get a small tool set for the car because I realized the other day that Vogon has the main tool box in there.

The Mustang went to the mechanic yesterday, who quoted us $500 for a new power window relay /and/ heater core -- less than half what Candrell charged just for the heater core work they didn't do very well back in November. If you're near Addison and need a mechanic, Eddie at Midway Auto Repair does great work at reasonable prices.

Pantry moths: 1; inadequately stored dry goods: 0. Rubbermaid FTW!

I finally tracked down the source of our pantry moths!

Some time ago, it was a sandwich-size zipper-lock bag full of wheat germ and oat bran mixed together. Yesterday, it looked like a katamari ball.

They also got into the sushi rice, TVP, and a bag of jasmine rice. I tossed a few other items in nibbled outer bags for good measure.

Lesson learned: dry goods MUST go into an airtight canister or FoodSaver bags before going into the cupboards.