July 17th, 2007

Manga-style me

Gastritis, Damn Interesting, that castle near Idledale, and salt water mosquitoes in Dallas.

Getting a stomach bug is definitely not a comfortable way to lose weight. Then again, laughing at the phrase "High Speed Inserters" in a monster.com listing isn't a comfortable way to snort a beverage either. At least being under the weather has given me lots of time to read Damn Interesting and let the cat sleep next to my head. I love my fender-kitty.

The castle near Lair O' The Bear park in Idledale is now available as an event location, although the photos didn't show any evidence of the metal fire-breathing dragon that guarded over the castle in the early 1990s: Dunafon Castle.

I recently heard on NPR that salt water mosquitoes have arrived in Dallas. I'm not surprised that I learned this from public radio, since the local news is busy with stories of crime just like History Channel keeps wibbling between History From The Bible and Every Person Ever Connected to Hitler. Don't even get me started on Sci-Fi lately.