May 12th, 2007

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Taste Addison 2007, Uncle Julio's and a little Mother's Day gift nattering.

Note to self: Taste Addison had better music on Friday night. I've seen Blues Traveler live twice, so that would have been okay again. When we were there tonight it was The Valentines, followed by Jon Christopher Davis. The former were forgettable, but the dude? Should have already died of mediocrity. We left before the dude from American Idol came on because we'd had enough mediocre noise.

After we bailed from the festival with Laurel wearing a plush monkey hat (will post a photo soon, it's hilarious), a bunch of adorable bows for Laurel from My Little Lady Bug and some neat wooden roses, we hit Uncle Julio's.

Two things about Uncle Julio's:
- It's louder than hell on a Saturday night;
- They still have amazing service when they're down a server and the waitress for our area was covering at least a dozen tables. Props to John the manager for taking our order and making sure we got our check when we were done.


I failed to get the Mother's Day cards out on time, but I did locate Laurel's spring school photos to print and include in them so it's not a wash. My immediate gratification Mother's Day gift was a chair massage at Taste Addison; in the next week or so my gift will arrive -- a pair of Teva Pretty Rugged Leather 2 sandals to replace my well-worn 4-year-old pair. (And to appeal to my thrifty side, I had a 20% off coupon from REI.)