April 25th, 2007

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School carnival done, zoo tomorrow... and I applied for a CSR position at Woot. Heaven help us all.

I survived the school carnival despite it raining cats, dogs and livestock while we were unloading the car. We used up almost all of our 55cf (uncompressed) helium tank because Vogon thought it'd be a hit to use the rest of the tank left over after decorating to fill individual balloons on request for the kids in attendance. He was right and only about a dozen wound up on the ceiling, so I'm impressed enough to consider doing it again next year. (I assume I will be asked to do decorations for it again next year and I enjoy that more than running the show.) Laurel came home with some candy and small plastic party favors, I donated the non-edible leftover treats to the after-school program to use and the leftover candy went into the teachers' lounge.

Tomorrow I am slated to brave the Dallas Zoo as a chaperon on the first-grade field trip, followed by my first appointment with my new meds doc later this week. I am rustling up all the intestinal fortitude I have for the former and looking forward to the latter.

Earlier today I submitted my resume for consideration at Woot.com, which has an opening for a customer service representative. I'm not getting my hopes up after the scores of resumes I've sent out since last summer, but the job descriptions on their Work for Woot page cracked me up and I think they might bite if I propose to work two weeks for free before they decide whether to hire me. (I am in a financially secure enough place right now to make that offer and yes, I would like to work for Woot that much.)

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