December 8th, 2006


Betty Crocker muffin mixes = great deal to collect Box Tops For Education.

Laurel's teacher's birthday is next week, so I asked her earlier this week if she had a favorite kind of cookie or muffin I could make for the class that day. After thinking about it, she told me she'd really like chocolate chip muffins if I could make them. (I haven't met a cake I couldn't make, but she knows Vogon and I as the volunteers that make cheesecake sliced, dressed and plated for PTA potluck teacher luncheons.)

Picking up baking supplies today, I found the little pouches of Betty Crocker muffin mixes have Box Tops for Education on them -- a 10c value on every one of those 76c packets.

I think I've just found my best bet for laying in a good stock of BT4E labels since they're the only clip-and-save program our school participates in. w00t.