December 7th, 2006


Wouldn't you wear a jacket on a day the predicted high is 45°F?

Are elementary-school-aged kids immune to cold?

It's presently 45°F (7.2°C) outside with a pretty stiff breeze (20mph/32kph). I walked over to the elementary school in a winter coat, beanie and gloves; tolerable sheltered from the wind, but still cold in the shade. Kids came out of the building in shirt sleeves. Several of them apparently hadn't taken coats at all today.

I was baffled seeing a kid run from a car to the school entrance this morning in shorts and a long-sleeve t-shirt, but seeing teeming masses of little kids without coats on in this weather just boggles.

Laurel draws Puffy AmiYumi in a school assignment.

I think we've hit critical mass with the cartoons. In reality, this is more strongly related to the junior chapter book Together Forever, which she checked out of the school library [1] and read during independent reading time in class and that I bought the Puffy AmiYumi albums available through the iTunes Music Store awhile back, but "too much TV" is a much funnier explanation. *waves hands* Oooh, my chillun is a Tee Vee watchin' zombie! Now bring me mah menthols and a diet soder so's I can watch mah stories! [2]

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1. No, I don't automatically know what she checks out. I know because I volunteer in the library.
2. If you find that offensive, think about why that offends you. I don't smoke, I don't drink diet beverages of any kind, and I'd rather watch no television than watch soap operas.