December 3rd, 2006


Black will go nicely with the olive/forest/black multicolor 550 cord I already have.

I think I need a craft intervention. My sister just called...

Sister: What color parachute cord did you want?
Me: It doesn't matter.
Sister: Well, it's black and 8 cents a foot. How much do you want or should I get a whole spool?
Me: How much is a spool?
Sister: 1200 feet.
Me: *boggles*
Sister: It won't take up that much room. So what do you do with it, anyway?
Me: I make stuff with it. It's like gimp [boondoggle, plastic lacing, other term of regional preference] for grown-ups.
Sister: Oh. Well, you'll have to show me when you visit.

Here's an excellent example of neat things made with 500 cord, or why I am so glad the Boy Scouts taught me more than just the basic eight knots: