December 1st, 2006


I'd like 'Flouncers' for 200, Alex.

Earlier this week on an online support community, I attempted to communicate with a member that complained no-one was responding to their posts. I guessed that part of it was that they were difficult to read, but I left her a comment I would reread her posts in the morning and give them feedback.

(An average post by her ran about 1000 words with no paragraph breaks, punctuation only at the end of sentences and then with no space after the period, no apostrophes in contractions, and misspellings approximately every sixth word. The content of her posts can be summarized as that she has a lot of anger, hates people in general, hates her family, and she doesn't understand why she couldn't find a bunch of girlfriends like her to have slumber parties and watch The Thornbirds.)

Before I got around to replying to her posts today, I got the following message from her through their system:

U are just too young for me as a friend sorry U I am 44 yrs old and looking for mature friendss who have been married a long time and my age sorry.

I almost spit my drink at that. What do I know about maturity? Maybe I'd better rent The Thornbirds.
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