November 20th, 2006

Manga-style me

Feh to paying out-of-pocket when I shouldn't have to.

I am not pleased that our health care FSA card wasn't accepted. I'm starting to think that they're not the best choice for me given our experience with United Healthcare. (We saw the doctor just once when kiddo had an ear infection and had to pay out of pocket for it anyway after UHC decided it wasn't covered. We would have paid less as a self-pay.)

On the bright side, it was slightly less than expected: $61 for 30 days of medications versus $38 for 14 days' worth that I paid earlier this year. I'm not pleased with the cost, but it was /much/ faster and easier than jumping through automated phone prompt and voice mail hoops in hopes of a refill being approved in the three days before the current supply ended followed by a 50-minute round trip and an indeterminate wait in a noxious-smelling waiting room.

It sounds like I'm turning into Charles Winchester from M*A*S*H. Please yell at me if I lapse into a Boston accent.
Staple this to your FACE

Like a good neighbor... like frell they are.

I hate to complain to my complex office about my upstairs neighbors (especially because I called the police on a noise complaint a few weeks ago when they held a party on their patio between 0130 and 0300 that woke me up from medicated sleep), but this one took the cake:

I just caught their 'tween son standing outside my door with the ice tray from the freezer throwing ice cubes at my door. I opened the door after hearing odd tapping noises, scaring the daylights out of him and a couple of kids his age standing out there, who promptly dashed upstairs and slammed their respective front doors.

And the Sea Hag up there wonders why I don't like kids. Being a parent must be really easy when you don't know what your kids are doing.

Mine has been amused indoors and on our patio all day with age-appropriate toys and projects (hint: FamilyFun magazine's Thanksgiving minisite has lots of stuff to do). Minimal jumping/stomping, indoor voice, supervised. I still get annoyed by some things she chooses to do, but at least she's not annoying the neighbors.