November 3rd, 2006

Confidential - read this and I'll have t

Is it legal to give an estimate followed by an invoice for 20% more 20 minutes later?

Today was supposed to be quiet and I was going to put in some extra time on the hot spots in the living room since I did that in the kitchen yesterday. Instead, we had crazy drama.

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For whoever asked me this summer whether police cars have TollTags, they do. Carrollton PD cars have them mounted right below the rearview mirror with the car number screened onto the side of the tag facing the windshield.

edit 2019: Well, I just figured out why Vogon's neck's been sore all afternoon. I missed one injury in my initial assessment -- he also contacted the concrete about an inch into his scalp from the hairline above his left eye, hard enough to take off a n approximately 1x1cm patch of skin and hair. Grah.

Photos: some of Vogon's injuries.

Here are photos of some of his injuries; there are also bruises on his left shoulder and arm.

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His neck has gotten progessively stiffer throughout the afternoon and evening to the point where he has significant difficulty turning his head. I did some trigger point massage on him just before 3 PM and point 21 on his back, a few finger widths in and below the shoulderblades, was knotted like you wouldn't believe. He finally agreed to let me "wire him up" [put electrodes on him for the TENS machine] a little while ago and he was making little pleasurable moaning sounds when I left him set up at a therapeutic intensity level for an hour with headphones on to Sonique's Hear My Cry in my Discman.

*smiles grimly* If there's one subject I know deeply enough to help him feel better, it's acupressure and trigger points. It had to be good for something someday.