October 14th, 2006


Local nature festival and geocaching.

A quick post after the Nature Fest at Elm Fork Nature Preserve today:

Laurel's still a little young to appreciate it without complaining of being bored frequently, but we checked in at the geocaching booth (but didn't do the challenge since Vogon's not that interested in caching), got flyers from REI and Sierra Club, took a short nature hike, got freebies from the fire department and city environmental services, and watched an animal show in just a hair over two hours there.

We stopped in at Kodak Picture Spot (GCRBCY) but didn't sign the log because I didn't want to misgauge the muggle:cacher ratio of the crowd and feel silly reaching around to find the container, but Laurel thought the site was awesome and could have amused herself for quite awhile there.