September 27th, 2006

Rosehip hunting in Alderfer

I thought about pitching my tent in the living room, but it would block the patio door.

Our regular UPS guy delivered my new tent and sleeping bags today, so Laurel and I are squared away for our first overnight campout next month. The enclosed camp chairs bring our household total to four, meaning we finally have one for each of us and an extra to share. Hooray!

Thanks for the heads-up on the product we chose, discordian.
Rosehip hunting in Alderfer

The last time something happened at Platte Canyon, it was the 2002 Snaking Fire.

I had the CBS Evening News on in the background when I heard "shooting" and "Columbine" in the same breath, so I turned it up. Whoever thinks Bailey is a few miles from Littleton has got to be stoned.

I guessed from the sound bite that something happened at Platte Canyon, so I called Mom and asked "Should I take my child out of school for their safety because of the shooting?". (Yes, that's a snarky joke.)
I'll have to watch the webcast at KUSA for the latest since their page was last updated before the press conference Mom watched while we were talking.

As usual, I'll point you at Denver's NBC affiliate for more information: Hostage situation ends after SWAT team rushes in, gunman killed.