August 31st, 2006


Busy morning -- even Biko wants a nap!

It's been a busy day and it's not even lunchtime! We stopped at Starbucks after dropping Laurel off at school to meet up with K. to give her a bunch of CDs I'd burned for her upcoming road trip, came home and I whirled around printing things, stashed them in a brand-new folder I had earmarked for another project today (ack!), and ironed a shirt while Vogon got ready to head out the door for an interview (I've got my fingers crossed since it looks like it'd be a really good fit for him), then fielded my usual morning calls and e-mail, going over the stuff I'm taking to School Night For Scouting tonight and started lining up activity sheets to print when I noticed Biko wasn't in any of her her usual morning spots and went looking for my sweet old girl.

I finally found her stretched out across the couch in the living room -- usually my domain -- looking at the TV, so I turned on Food Network for her and gave her a little love. Now she's got her head on the throw pillow I use most and appears to be watching the TV through almost-closed eyes. She must be worn out from her little catnip-fueled fun this morning.