July 26th, 2006

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I should record more of Laurel to amuse her when she's older.

While talking with Laurel tonight, she told me about the new comic book she had and mentioned that the nerdsprout had left a comic book when she moved out. (It was an Archie Double Digest that I recycled after it began shedding pages.)

Laurel: [Nerdsprout] left a comic in my room but it was not appropriate for me.
Me: Okay. Who taught you the word 'appropriate'?
Laurel: Mmm... my brain.

How do you keep a straight face at that? Luckily she can't see me through the phone.

At the end of the conversation, we exchanged our usual end-of-call pleasantries. After those and right before she hung up, she said in a very clear voice: "Have a nice day!".

Does she get this from me?
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