July 10th, 2006

I'm not seeing this

I gave in to caffeine and was rewarded with a free ringtone. Um, w00t?

I would start this "no sh*t, there I was...", but it's really not that kind of story.

I've been no-caffeine for a couple of weeks to see how much it affects my mood, but gave in today to the siren call of a Mountain Dew Code Red while waiting in line at the grocery store. After getting home with my red bounty and pouring half of the 20 oz bottle over ice (no sense in overindulging), I figured it'd be fun to enter the code under the cap on pepsismash.com, then giggled like an idiot at winning a free ringtone.

Now comes the hard part: picking one. Am I cool enough to have a Mary J. Blige ringtone?

edit: My new default ringtone is Mary J. Blige saying "Your people are looking for you, pick up your phone." Hee.
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