June 15th, 2006

Manga-style me

Not my week, MuppetWiki chatter, and Bourdain interview.

Man, this week is just not my week:
- every time I think my cold is finally retreating, I've been fooled;
- the psoriasis on my arm flared up again and I couldn't find Second Skin products at our local Wal-Mart; and
- Vogon is cranky about the "check engine" light coming back on in his car yesterday before he was going to take it over for a new inspection sticker and it seems to be pouring over into everything here.

On the bright side, I've fixed a bunch of formerly dead-end pages for Sesame Street videos at MuppetWiki (hooray!), will be creating a page for composer Stephen Lawrence today, and I'm about to go sit with a form I made to take notes on the Elmo's World format to flesh out the page for whatever episode shows today, providing it's not one that's been written up (most haven't). If I can finagle a working VCR somewhere, I've got a bunch more on tape I can summarize and screencap.

Also good, and of interest to my foodie readers: an interview with Anthony Bourdain in the latest issue of Bookslut.

edit 1220: Score! "Sky" was an episode I hadn't summarized yet, the form I made worked well for writing on while watching the TV, and someone already uploaded a screencap from the episode. (I'll probably still add Elmo's World: Reach For The Sky to my NetFlix queue so I can screencap the Elmo Variants, though.)