June 5th, 2006


2006 Los Angeles vacation, day 3: yardwork, playing in a green pool, and the ObLate Shopping Trip.

Since it was technically a working vacation, we got down into what we planned:
  • David cut down the dead tree in the back corner of the yard and cut it into smaller chunks to load onto a tarp and carry out to Grandpa Art's truck. After some pushing and crunching, it made one large load in the back of his small pickup and was secured with the tarp to go to the dump later in the week.

  • David cleaned off the patio roof and cleaned out its gutters after hearing that Grandpa goes up there in the rain to clean them out(!).

  • The pool filter got cleaned a few times because it stopped moving water once it's clogged with algae and we added algaecide and several doses of shock because the water test results showed virtually no chlorine.

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