June 3rd, 2006


You had to be there: Laurel asks if there are squat toilets in New York.

Laurel asked me what toiletries are after I mentioned that I wanted to pick up a toiletry bag before I finished packing. (I've been using a slide-lock plastic zipper-lock bag for a few years.)

In looking up the etymology of toiletries, we looked at the Wikipedia article on toilets, where she was fascinated by a picture of a squat toilet accompanied by the text:
"...the squat toilet is still somewhat common in public restrooms in southern and eastern Europe (including parts of France, Greece, Italy, and the Balkans) as well as East Asia (China and Japan) and other places."

She replied to that, "Like New York?". Ouch.

2006 Los Angeles vacation, day 1: Laurel flies, but hesitates at escalators.

Before leaving DFW, Laurel was thrilled because I bought her dinner from McDonald's (her first time this year), then she thrilled me by choosing fruit and milk.

While waiting in PHX, we bought postcards for her friends and split a bagel from Starbucks, then she listened to Here Come the ABCs! and entertained me singing along with "E Eats Everything" (like children).

After arriving at ONT, she refused to get on the escalator down to the baggage claim and wouldn't step out of the way to find the elevator (are the stairs always closed there?), so I had to pull her on several steps above me because I was loaded down like a burro with my purse and our carry-on bags.

Even though it was past midnight by our internal clocks, she stayed awake and talked to Sarah all the way to Montebello, reading every sign she saw and cheering when we pass a Fry's.