April 27th, 2006


What's Triggering Your Migraine? and Dr Pepper Berries & Cream.

Heard today on NPR: What's Triggering Your Migraine?

Included at the site is a list of food triggers in PDF format. Most of it I already knew, but I was surprised to see soybean products on it and would be sad if they triggered migraines for me.


Vogon picked up a bottle of Dr Pepper Berries & Cream to try. It tastes like Dr Pepper and cream soda with just a hint of berries. I like it better than Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper, which I thought the vanilla flavor was too aggressively fake-tasting, but not enough that I'd buy it again.

Perhaps I should cut back on my HFCS intake and start buying Dr Pepper-flavored lip balm.