April 16th, 2006

Manga-style me

Random grief moment; garden notes on transplanting, strawberries and an upcoming photo post.

Earlier this weekend I had iTunes on random and Talisman's rendition of "Wanting Memories"[1] made me cry.

In other news, I transplanted two of the 4" potted herbs Vogon bought a few weeks ago into 12" hanging planters, so now the oregano and curly parsley have room to grow. I also started the strawberries he bought a little kit for and was disappointed by because it came with seeds instead of plants. After researching the variety, I learned that Temptation is a seed-raised strawberry that's almost entirely without runners. If I had a little more confidence and the right tools, I'd like to try growing strawberries in a hanging tube.

Would anyone be interested in a garden photo post in the next few weeks? It wouldn't be until after I have the rest of the seedlings and 4" pots transplanted into larger pots and get some more pyrethrine spray for the spider mites on the lime, but it's been almost a year since my last garden photo post.

1. "Wanting Memories" is a Sweet Honey in the Rock song. [lyrics] [MP3: Talisman - Wanting Memories]