March 26th, 2006


Non-news on the computer, closed caption funnies, and loose crickets. Whee

Exactly what can be saved off the won't-boot hard drive will remain a mystery for awhile longer. After a recovery program that hummed along for 26 hours last week finished and was waiting for Vogon to look at it after he finished working that day, Laurel helpfully turned off the computer despite having been instructed repeatedly to leave it alone.

In the meanwhile, watching TV with captioning on makes for some hilarious commercials. I just spotted the line "Pre-tuned by German engineers." from the end of a Volkswagen ad remain on screen throughout an eHarmony; the other day, "Ask your doctor about Nasonex" remained in the middle of the screen through commercials for a car dealership and a clothing store.

The dresser we looked at the other day is no longer on sale, but the same size dresser from IKEA is 20% less than the non-sale price of the Target dresser. It's still a crapload of money to me, but anything over $20 is a lot of money to me.


And now for something completely different: the mantid egg pods Vogon bought a few weeks ago have started looking ready to hatch, so he decided to buy a second tank to keep the two pods separate. That led to buying crickets to feed them after they hatch and food and plastic cages for the crickets. He put the larger cricket cage down where both Laurel and Biko could watch it, which was nice, but I thought one might have escaped when Biko pounced into the (closed) study door for no reason that I could see.

A few minutes ago I walked by the spot where we keep shoes near the entry and thought I saw something move there, nudged a few shoes and lo and behold, there's a cricket in there. Vogon's in the study and didn't respond when I knocked on the door and told him I think we've got loose crickets.

How would you catch the crickets and get them back into the cage without harming them? What can I do to keep them in the cage and not escape?