March 3rd, 2006


Volunteer sewing done, funny Scouting quip, computer issues and a few links.

The dress for the volunteer sewing turned out to be more challenging than I had expected. The pleated crepey fabric was so hard to keep square while cutting it out that I was dubious about following the pattern directions to make the lining free from the dress except at the neckline, so I densely pinned the crepey pieces to the cotton lining fabric keep the pleats in the fabric even and the whole shebang square, then serged all the seams I could. (Read that as "everything except the zipper insertion, attaching the straps and hemming".) I won't see how the finished pieces look being worn until the cast photos come back from printing since I was helping with food sales at the meeting and was in the foyer during the show, but several people that saw the show Tuesday night told me the pieces I made look fabulous. Phew.

edit, 16 March: here's a photo of swatches of all three fabrics used in the dress.


At the pack committee meeting this week, I was asked if I'd like to work with the Tigers after my den crosses over to Boy Scouting next month. I said I'd be happy to, but if another den that has a new Scout who's an ESL student could use me more, I'm reasonably fluent in Spanish. One of the committee members asked, "Is there anything you CAN'T do?". I replied that I haven't learned how to drive a stick shift yet so that's why Vogon drives me everywhere. They laughed. I was serious.


This week has been interesting for computers.

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A few links blogged for future reference:

- The Best Word Book Ever,1963 and 1991.
- How I Gamed the SAT
- Are You a Marryin' Fool?

Apparently the interlocking bookends I keep trying to retrieve from the glurge of my long-ago library memory are Miracle Bookends. I would request a Brodart catalog but I suspect that after it arrived I would just want to stroke it tenderly and wish I knew how to quit it.

They Might Be Giants' "Twisting" in a sitcom ad. Weirdness.

Vogon often leaves the television on in the study while he's not watching it. I'm pretty good at tuning it out, but today I heard the melody of They Might Be Giants' "Twisting" coming from the TV.

After running in to see what the heck was going on, it turned out that the WB network is using the song in ads for a new show, Modern Men.

I'm sure it will be mediocre at best (like most WB shows), but it was really weird to hear the Johns' music on TV that wasn't composed for a theme or advertisement.