January 24th, 2006


New books, new craft supplies, and a bunch of miscellaneous links.

I redeemed two of the gift cards I'd gotten as holiday gifts over the weekend: an Old Navy gift card which I put toward some clothing for Laurel and a Barnes & Noble gift card (despite their dismally fluffy selection) which covered most of what I gleaned from speed-reading my way through the store and trying to avoid children running up and down the aisles.

For those curious about what books I bought:
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We stopped at Michael's on the way back to pick up floss bobbins to invoke the "hair of the dog" law of finding missing items and replacement Xacto blades for Vogon. We left after finding those and scoring a set of Knifty Knitter round looms on sale, an inexpensive set of sparkly-handled nylon paintbrushes to keep with my walk-around face painting palette until I draft a pattern for and sew a palette case and matching brush roll for my nice brushes, and a bunch of little (2-3" diameter) terra cotta pots to use for sprouting seeds.

I'm slowly working my way through winding my loose floss (some extra skeins from finished projects, mostly skeins from the wonderful holiday package princessbunny sent me!) onto bobbins and have been pleasantly surprised to find Biko is completely uninterested in the floss, relieving me of worries that she might play with or eat any of it. Whew.


More links I'm blogging for later reference...

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