January 4th, 2006


New packages! and reading notes on LibraryThing, 50 book challenge, Open WorldCat links.

Laurel was very happy when she returned home today -- the UPS guy was relieved too, after carrying two heavy boxes (33 lb and 18 lb, respectively) up to our door. My Tattered Cover haul, many of her Christmas gifts, a bunch of sewing patterns and some other stuff is in them. (:

My new phone is following those packages by a few days so I have that to look forward to as well. (In order to replace my brother's phone Dad had to migrate his line to Cingular from AT&T Wireless, so he went ahead and migrated all the lines on the family plan to Cingular.)

Hooray for packages!


Moving on to interesting tidbits in reading and cataloging, because if I had to pick just one hobby, it would be Cataloging Everything:
  • today's post in dewey_blog enlightened me that sudoku should be filed in the DDC classification "793.73 Puzzles and puzzle games, not 793.74 Mathematical games and recreations."

  • catalogablog turned me onto LibraryThing, though I'll be buying a lifetime membership if I start using the site since free accounts are capped at 200 books. Are there people who own that few books? Do I know these people?

  • Do you think I should do the 50bookchallenge or something similar this year? I enjoyed reading several of you as you kept track of the books you read last year and I don't archive the "currently reading" bit in my userinfo so you can only see what I'm reading right now.

And on that note, do any of you have an opinion on whether I link books mentioned here to Amazon.com or to Open WorldCat, which would let you see the book's availability at nearby libraries? Unlike catalogablog, I've never done the Amazon associate program so I don't get any financial incentive for linking to Amazon; I just do it out of habit because I've had their URL syntax memorized for a couple of years.