December 31st, 2005


Home again, holiday decorations down, photos of the puppies up, and miscellaneous holiday chatter.

Our return trip to Dallas was uneventful -- the security screeners commented on Laurel's fabulous princess hat and let her wear it through the metal detector, the airline rearranged some seat assignments so two families that had children assigned to seats not adjacent to relatives were together (we weren't the only ones) and kiddo fell asleep for the last half hour of the flight. She was pretty excited when Vogon met us at the baggage claim with reindeer antler headbands and flowers, especially since she got her own bouquet this time.

I experienced acute sinus pain on the descent into DFW and none of my regular treatments helped much, so I spent Thursday attempting to sleep it off. I'm feeling better now, though still slightly out of sync with local time. I packed stuff to ship rather than take an extra piece of luggage, so that will arrive here soon too. Hooray for finding lots of patterns and fabric I had stashed away!

I got tired of Laurel messing with the Christmas tree ornaments despite repeated reminders to leave the glass ornaments alone (last year she broke a few), so I took it down Friday and have most of the holiday decorations packed and labeled to go to storage now. I want to get bags to hold the tree and wreath, but I think I may buy them online since the ones I checked out at Bed Bath and Beyond last week had far more capacity than I need. (Theirs hold up to a 9' tree and a 30" wreath; we have a 6.5' tree and a 20" wreath.)

I'll post vacation/holiday photos in the next week or so. After mentioning it in a past post, I have put up photos of my parents' and sister's puppies, Holly, Daisy and Bandit, to tide everyone over. (:

I saw some cute flannel PJs in Target when we were in Colorado, but they didn't have any in my size. I checked at our local Target Friday and they had the same limited size range. All I could find in my size were either chemises (if I wanted to sleep in my underwear, I wouldn't be looking for pajamas) or polarfleece, so I hit the kids' department where I found only pajama pants and things too twee for serious consideration. It's time to accept that I am squarely in the gap between kids' and misses' sizes, but I sure don't like it.

Most of the Target gift card Vogon said something about me choosing how to spend because it was just as much mine as his (?) was used on stuff for Laurel, although I did pick up a pair of french terry pants on markdown and a set of dry-erase markers with magnetic caps. Also, we bought a snowman-shaped drink dispenser that just slays us because the spigot is right where genitalia would be if snowmen had them.

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