December 16th, 2005


Finishing up some ornaments, a link to tying the perfect bow and a funny short film on sushi.

Laurel's felt gingerbread ornamentI've just about made it through the week, whew!

I didn't quite finish the holiday ornaments I wanted to include in the class party goodies, so I'm finishing them up now (tacking a ribbon hanging loop to each one with a couple stitches) and sending them in tomorrow for the teacher to distribute.

For a quick project, they're cute and budget-conscious: 3" high gingerbread men cut out of camel-colored felt with a smiley face and buttons drawn on with dimensional fabric paint (aka puffy paint or appliqué paint) and a 9" length of 1/8" wide red ribbon for each ornament to have a hanging loop finished with a bow. My total cost was under $2.50, including sales tax. I'll post a photo later today. [edit 16 DEC] I took a photo of Laurel's ornament on the tree after she hung it up today.

We have an early-release day tomorrow and two more next week, a couple things we're doing over the weekend and then on Wednesday Laurel and I are off for a week of vacation in Colorado. It's coming up faster the closer it gets.


Note to self: How to tie a perfect bow

+2, Funny: The Japanese Tradition - Sushi