December 13th, 2005

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Thinking about December's FlyLady habit, busy week and a little funny from SciAm.

I've done pretty well with the new FlyLady habits each month this year until last month. November's habit was menu planning, which hasn't worked out for me here since our finances are still fairly separate and he pays for the groceries.

This month's habit is "pamper yourself", which is proving to be a challenge since I'm trying to NOT paint my toenails until my bad toenail grows out and I haven't found any other beauty treatments as pleasurable. I'm open to any suggestions that are inexpensive (<$20) and fairly easy. (I'm all thumbs at applying makeup but I'm okay with things that don't require a mirror.)


I'm really looking forward to the end of the week, even though it'll end with an early-dismissal day followed by two more the next week leading into the holiday break. What's got me trying to catch my breath this week:
  • Monday: We committed to providing two cheesecakes (one white chocolate, one plain dressed half with strawberries and half with raspberries) and a batch of lemon bars (my comparatively meager offering) for the teacher appreciation lunch and I had a den meeting in the evening.

  • Tuesday: The second grade musical and PTA meeting. It's usually one hour for me since I only attend for the pre K-grade 2 meeting, but this time I'll be there for two hours helping with the pack's food sales and the unusual setup that goes with the musical. I'd like to get photos of the costumes I sewed, but we'll see what happens.

  • Thursday: Laurel's class party is in the afternoon (as her class parent, I organize the class parties) followed by the monthly pack meeting that evening (my den is doing the opening).


And today's moment of Zen: A recent sciam article showed up with the title "In Focus: Grow Your Own". I laughed so hard I snorted until I saw the teaser line: "Getting a diabetic pancreas to regrow its islets".
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A brief tangent into my birth chart, or I am such a Leo.

On the way home from my meeting tonight, we listened to Paul Mooney remembering Richard Pryor on NPR. Mooney mentioned he couldn't do characters the way Pryor could because he was a "double Leo". I asked Vogon what that meant and he explained that the sun and moon were both in Leo at the time of Mooney's birth. After we got home, I dug out my natal chart for my own edification and thought you might find it interesting.

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