December 10th, 2005

Manga-style me

Want to trade for a pair of wireless headphones? Make me an offer.

Two things that really annoy me about RCA WHP150 wireless headphones:
- buzzing interference when someone is using a cell phone inside the apartment; and
- getting someone else's telephone conversation while trying to fine-tune the signal to get a roughly equal amount of noise to counteract the aforementioned buzzing interference.

If the phone conversation I tuned in was more interesting than a couple of guys talking about football and sitting on the patio, it might have been entertaining.

My trusty old Koss TD-61 headphones delivered consistently better sound. Unfortunately, Laurel pulled a wire out of them earlier this year. I might be able to get them repaired under the limited lifetime warranty, but I'm not getting my hopes up prematurely.

I'd really like to replace my wired headphones but I don't have enough money. If someone would like to trade, I'd like a pair of <$30 wired headphones with an 8-10' cord and closed ear cushions. In return, you'll get a factory-refurbished set of RCA WHP150 wireless headphones and base. (They didn't come with a pair of Ni-Cad batteries so you'll have to provide your own.) Make me an offer.
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