November 22nd, 2005

Manga-style me

A cross-stitch design idea, RIP Glenn Mitchell, gifted children article, and a dining table update.

  • In anticipation of my sister and brother-in-law having children, Bobbie G. Designs' Fairy Tale Baby seems to strike a nice balance between something they'd like and quick for me to stitch.

  • Local public radio show host Glenn Mitchell passed away Sunday. Our lunch hour won't be the same without his show.

  • One of my friends from Colorado recently posted an entry on Gifted Children & Bipolar Parents that I found to be both interesting and satisfying to read. (If you want to add the RSS feed of his blog to your Friends view, it's devnulleddotcom.)

  • We moved the flattened cardboard boxes worth saving (the rest went to the dumpster) to our storage unit Sunday, so I have a bit of decluttering to do in the less-crowded dining room before we can set up the table (discharged from sewing table duty last month). I'm tempted to make a quick tablecloth and buy flowers after the table's in place so it's less tempting to use it as a work surface, especially since I want to keep sewing activities other than fabric storage limited to the living room.