November 11th, 2005


Maintenance workers in my closet and hey, you should listen to The Mathematicians.

We had three different maintenance visits on Thursday afternoon to look for the source of water leaking into our downstairs neighbor's closet. They scared the crap out of me the last time with a reciprocating saw I wasn't expecting, but at least it wasn't the Spanish Inquisition. I guess they'll be back sometime to repair the hole they cut in the wall of our closet since they didn't come back today and we could hear them working downstairs for most of the day.

I don't think they've figured out yet that I understand exactly what they're saying in Spanish, but it's kinda fun to speak to them in English. (:


The Mathematicians' "Binary Girl" is one of today's DrinkPod Downloads from Drink At Work (drinkatworkblog) and two plays later, it's Laurel's favorite new song. She assures skeptic listeners that "it's the coolest" and she really likes dancing to it.

Geocaching story on local news:

The Dallas-Fort Worth CBS affiliate did a story on geocaching that aired tonight. The closing bit about "the geocaching way" was a bit cheesy, but it was positive overall -- it showed Dreamcacher V placing a cache up in a tree and Cammie455 wearing a TerraCaching shirt. (:

It also reminded me that I should get out and find some of the caches near me -- there's over a dozen within two miles and most of them are in kid-friendly locations. Well, except for that crazy White Rock Creek one, but I'm not into wading through brush here.