August 24th, 2005


Good stuff in the mail, my first PTA meeting as a parent and miscellaneous school rambles.

Good news on two fronts:
- A copy of Laurel's medical records from the pediatrician she saw for her 15m-3y checkups arrived in the mail at no cost to me. Now I have my own copies of everything except for her first 8 weeks.
- Apparently my pharmaceutical order had already shipped when I was playing e-mail tag with one of their CSRs, but it looks like they split my order since the package only contained ephedrine. I should find out whether they'll be shipping the ephedrine/guaifenesin next month since my interpretation of the initial e-mail I received from the CSR was that they can only ship one item every 30 days containing ephedrine.

I went to the first PTA meeting of the school year last night and boggled at how many people brought their kids to the meeting. I knew beforehand from the school PTA's website that the meeting was followed by a meet-the-teacher program, but I didn't find out until later that students were encouraged to show their parents around their classrooms. I marveled at how small all the furniture was in her classroom, looked through her writing workshop folder and talked with her teacher, who's sending home a business card in the next few days for a pediatric ophthalmologist. (Laurel's due for another evaluation of her amblyopia and this will save me the time I would have spent cold-calling doctors from WebMD's doctor finder.)

While I was there, I picked up copies of the required forms for school volunteers and talked with the school's Cub Scout pack Cubmaster. He was thrilled by the interested adult volunteers that he'd talked to that night and chuckled when I asked if they have a separate adult division for their Pinewood Derby. (I don't mind if you laugh at that. I was really envious as a kid when my brother got his derby/regatta kit and my Girl Scout troop did "girl" things that I felt uncomfortable doing when I wanted to go do the fun stuff the boys were doing.)

I am ridiculously excited about the volunteering opportunities here -- it will fill a niche in my life that I'd had automagically filled through my community connections in Evergreen.
Complete and Utter BULLSHIT

I wonder if there are vehicle noise restrictions here...

Someone with a really noisy vehicle (and probably overcompensating for something, since I can't come up with any other reason why they need to make that much noise) has a habit of revving around in our complex. Usually they only do this once or twice a night, so I suck it up when it wakes me up and leaves 2-3 car alarms running. So far they've done it SIX times tonight and there's five distinct car alarms going. Grr.

I need to find out their license plate number and start documenting it so I can call the police the next time they do this late enough for me to call on a noise complaint. They've woken up Laurel at least twice tonight.