August 3rd, 2005


Mental notes for later on Laurel's immunizations.

It sounds like one of the kids upstairs is either running laps inside or rhythmically kicking a door. Neither possibility would surprise me since we frequently hear one of the kids jumping on the bed (which munges the reception on the TV in our study) and in the weeks leading up to the start of school last year it sounded like they were staging the Olympic games inside. Normally I'd ignore it, but I'm particularly sensitive to noise because of this cold/flu/whatever. I've never sweat so much sitting still. Yuck.

In other news, I'm waiting for Laurel's last pediatrician's office to retrieve her records so they can fax over her shot record. For all the importance the base clinic placed on noting every shot Laurel had on her yellow card (International Certificate of Vaccination, PHS-731), the civilian pediatrician she saw in Colorado did not, so I have an incomplete shot record for her. This is important for two reasons: her shot record is required at school registration and it should be brought to the immunization clinic when we take her in for the few shots she needs to start school.

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I feel mildly guilty about taking her to a free/low-cost immunization clinic, but if Himself or anyone on his side of her family has a problem with it, they're welcome to help with the out-of-pocket cost if I took her to a pediatrician. I'm focused on getting her squared away to start school, so the school district's immunization fair this weekend is well worth heading out to early on a Saturday morning to help her.

Edit 1615: I called the pediatrician's office again after lunch with Vogon's office fax number after his suggestion that it could get to me faster. (The fax number I gave when I first called goes to our local mailing/shipping store.) The lady I talked to this afternoon, Jeanette, sounded less rushed and irritated than the one I talked to in the morning and said she'd call again before sending the fax. She called back a few minutes ago to tell me that they couldn't get the fax to send to Vogon's number, but shot records don't require a signed release form so she could send them right over. The shipping store closes at 1800, so I'll call over there to confirm it's arrived and either walk over to pick it up myself (it's about a block away) or have Vogon pick it up on his way home. Whew.
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