August 2nd, 2005


Meme: five idiosyncrasies.

techno1992 said to consider myself tagged, so here's five idiosyncrasies.

1. I'm incredibly sensitive to texture (most plush textures and synthetic fibers rub me the wrong way, so to speak) but I love cotton waffle-weave. I spent most of the day wrapped up in two waffle-weave blankets, but that was because I had chills from the bug I've got.

2. I normally wear plain cotton panties and an a-shirt (aka a beater tank) instead of a bra, but I love pretty underthings and have acquired more in the past year and a half than in my entire adult life prior.

3. I don't trust most doctors, but I trust Vogon when he suggests I take something. He's usually right, too.

4. I'm so used to having chronic sinusitis that when Vogon asked if I'd like laser nasal surgery someday, I didn't know whether I would.

5. I speak Spanish fluently but I don't use it often because I still have a noticeable Boston accent when I speak in Spanish. (I had speech therapy in 4th/5th grade, but it only addressed English.)